Company Name
CreativeBank Inc.
CEO: Tatsuya Okumura
Head Office
8F New Otani Garden Court,
4-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
102-0094, JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-6893-2300(Rep.)
December, 1986
Business Description
Marketing, PR,
Promotion planning/operation,
other related creations

CreativeBank Inc. (CB) is an marketing agency which has its strength in IT industry and direct clients are major IT companies. We have a same business mind as our clients and create a powerful message which is strongly connected with their users.
License Number
ISO/IEC 27001:2013 IS 609915
100 million JPY
(Legal Capital Surplus \239,984,000)
Main Clients
Microsoft Japan
Dell Technologies Japan Inc.
Other IT companies
Institutional Stockholders
Bank Information
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
75 members(As of March,2020)
Dec, 1986
Established “CreativeBank Inc.” by 5 members with 3 million capitals in Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Jun, 1987
The office moved to Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Jun, 1988
The office moved to Shibakoen in Minato-ku, Tokyo
Aug, 1989
Capital Increase: 1.2 million JPY
Dec, 1989
The office moved to Takanawa in Minato-ku, Tokyo
Dec, 1993
The office moved to Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Dec, 1996
The 10th Anniversary of the Company Establishment
Jan, 2000
Made a business collaboration contract with SoftBank Commerce (SoftBank Corp.)
Capital Increase: 3.195 million JPY
The office moved to Shibaura in Minato-ku, Tokyo
Feb, 2000
Capital Increase: 4.8 million JPY
Jun, 2000
Made a business collaboration contract with Softbank E-Commerce
(SoftBank Corp.) Capital Increase 215 million JPY
Feb, 2001
Capital Increase: 345 million JPY
Apr, 2001
Mitsubishi Corp. acquired capitals
Capital Increase: 369.75 million JPY
Aug, 2003
The office moved to Koto-ku, Tokyo
Feb, 2005
Capital Decrease: 100 million JPY;
(Legal Capital Surplus \269,750,000)
Dec, 2006
The 20th Anniversary of Company Establishment
Jan, 2013
Obtained “ISO27001”
Aug, 2013
Changed Japanese company name
The office moved to Kioicho in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Mar, 2015
Reduction of Capital Reserve: 29.76 million JPY
Treasury Stock acquired from Mitsubishi Corp.
Cancellation of Treasury Stock.
Sep, 2015
Changes in the biggest shareholder from “SoftBank Group Corp” to “WILL GROUP INC”.
Dec, 2016
The 30th Anniversary of Company Establishment
May, 2017
Acquisition of shares of Techno-Alliance Corp.
Dec, 2018
Sale of stock of Techno Alliance Corp.

CreativeBank Inc. complies with our legal obligation to “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” (Act No. 57 of May 30, 2003) and makes effort to protect personal information by taking following actions:

Enhance Education for Workers

-We create learning tools for enhancing knowledge of privacy policy and have all of our workers and contingent workers take a course at least once in a year.

Streamline Internal Policy for Privacy Protection

-We streamline our internal policy with a clear direction of handling personal information, and keep all workers informed about us taking serious position for its misuse or leakage.

Assign a Manager for Personal Information Protection and Enhancement of its Function

-We assign our manager for personal information protection, and arrange the environment for any protection activities, making clear definition of this function.

Improve the Environment of Access for Customer Database

-We regularly review the environment of access for our customer database and improve it.

Review/Improvement Outsourcing

-We review/improve our outsourcing with consideration for personal information protection. The contract will be made after testing his/her personal adequacy, and agreement contents will include protection for any information.

Maintenance/Enhancement of Audit System

-We maintain a system of internal audit for personal information protection. Also, we will keep reinforcing the audit system by utilizing access log which enables quick discovery of internal leakage and its prevention.

CreativeBank Inc.
CEO, Tatsuya Okumura
April 1, 2006
Revised in October 1, 2007